Ex-Fortnite Reddit mod accuses Epic Games of paying mods to manipulate posts

Daniel Cleary

A former moderator of the massive r/FortniteBR subreddit has accused Fortnite Battle Royale it is used to discuss the latest news and content surrounding the popular game.

The forums or ‘subreddits’ are controlled by moderators who remove spam, abuse or irrelevant content posted by users, however, accusations from a ex-mod of r/FortniteBR have claimed that developers Epic Games are paying moderators in order to directly influence their moderation decisions.

Epic GamesFortnite is one of the most popular battle royale games and is often the topic for discussion among gamers.

In a post announcing that r/FortniteBR would be offering a special membership for their subreddit, user “RawStanky”, currently a moderator of handful of subreddits (which included r/FortniteBR until recently) claimed that, during their time as a moderator of the subreddit, they were surprised with “how much bullshit” the moderators allegedly got away with, saying:

“As someone who used to mod there, I have no faith anymore that the Reddit admins care. I’m kind of just done with how much bullshit that sub got away with, and how the admins are basically throwing rules they had for years to the wayside, and giving one of the most fucked up mod teams I ever worked with more and more ways to pull shady shit. It honestly feels like Reddit is encouraging the kind of behavior so long as they can benefit from it.”

RawStanky followed up by detailing their accusations of other r/FortniteBR moderators behavior, including claims that Epic Games were allegedly paying two top level moderators on the page and asking them to remove posts from the subreddit that caused drama.

RemovedditRawStanky’s comments regarding the r/FortniteBR moderators.

RawStanky also claimed that moderators on the subreddit would apparently take prizes from giveaways, publish private information about or “dox another mod” and even got an ex-mod banned from the Epic Games Launcher, among other things.

The comment has since been deleted by RawStanky, who is also a moderator in other pages on the site such as the official League of Legends subreddit.