Epic Games respond to strange Fortnite Chug Splash glitch

Epic Games

Epic Games have responded to a brand-new glitch found in Fortnite, as players have discovered an issue with the Chug Splash item already. 

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The new consumable item, added in the v9.30 update, allows players to heal others by tossing the Chug Splash near them. This can be particularly helpful for players that have been knocked down and look to be on the brink of elimination. 

Members of the game’s online community have been discussing some instances where that’s not actually the case though, and in some spots the healing tool doesn’t seem to work whatsoever. 

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Epic GamesFortnite’s bush item seems to stop the Chug Splash from working.
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In a post to the FortniteBR subreddit, /u/scatush highlighted an issue whereby players who have equipped a bush in the game can’t be healed by the Chug Splash.

“You can’t get health from Chug Splash if you’re in a bush,” the redditor posted, along with some footage of the bug. Judging by the comments from other players, that doesn’t seem to be the only problem with the new item. 

Other users claimed that the Chug Splash also doesn’t work inside the large corn fields found at Fatal Fields in the south of the island.

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The good news is that Epic Games have already made it clear that this is something that they’re aware of, responding: “We’re currently looking into this issue. Thank you for pointing it out,” leaving fans hopeful that the developers are starting work on a fix.

One Reddit user claimed that while the Chug Splash doesn’t work inside the bush, when others are tossing them in their teammates direction, the bug doesn’t stop the player using the bush feature from using the healing item. 

Nevertheless, minor glitch or not, fans will be hoping that the issue is resolved promptly.

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