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Everything We Know About Fortnite Battle Royale’s Highly Anticipated Playground Mode – Confirmed Features and Leaks

Published: 25/Jun/2018 10:04 Updated: 14/Oct/2020 16:16

by Ross Deason


It looks like Fortnite Battle Royale’s first take on custom games, called “Playground Mode”, is finally going to be released. Here’s everything we know about it so far.

A full month after they originally announced that they were working on a Limited Time Mode called “Playground Mode”, the Fortnite developers finally provided an update in the June 24th daily news section to say it is “coming soon”.

While this doesn’t give us an exact date for the release, form would suggest that it will be part of the next patch, or update, which is expected to be released on Tuesday, June 26th.

Fans of the game initially hoped that Playground Mode would allow them to fully customize private matches but Epic Games employee JShredz later stated on Reddit that this would not be the case due to communication with the servers being “central to how the game is run”.

However, it sounds like this could potentially have changed as the June 24th announcement clearly states “Let your creativity run wild on your own private island!”.

While some of the information that we have about the new Limited Time Mode comes from leaks and datamined game files, Epic Games has confirmed a few key ingredients. Below you can find everything that we know for sure so far.

Playground Mode Features:

  • Will load you into the Battle Royale Map with some adjusted settings – Confirmed
  • Increased resource generation – Confirmed
  • Extended period of time to roam around the map – Confirmed
  • All treasure chests and ammo crates will be spawned – Confirmed
  • Friendly Fire will be enabled – Confirmed
  • Playing or practicing as a full squad will be allowed – Confirmed
  • Players will respawn instantly when eliminated – Confirmed
  • Increased Llama Spawns – Confirmed

If you’re interested in the leaked information, the most important one came from Slenderguy2005 on Reddit and included some potential new items.

Among these new items are “Airstrike Grenades”, “Beehive Grenades”, “Chili Peppers”, and even something called “Durrable” (potentially linked to Durr Burger) that affects both health and movement speed.

The leaked files, and what the new items will supposedly do, can be found below.


Fortnite FNCS Season 4 Week 3: results & final placements

Published: 26/Oct/2020 3:05

by Brad Norton


The penultimate week of Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) action for Chapter 2 Season 4 has wrapped up as the world’s top players now have their sights set on the Grand Finals.

Three weeks of FNCS competition are now in the books. Each week saw fresh faces cracking into the top of the standings. However, a few veteran Trios have stood out from the pack each time around.

From banning controversy to game-breaking bugs, the tournament hasn’t come without its fair share of troubles. However, the most experienced players pushed through to cla67)im their spot in the upcoming Grand Finals.

With everything to play for, the third round of the tournament was one of the most intense yet. Below is a full rundown of how the penultimate week played out.

FNCS Chapter 2 Season 4 NA East recap – Week Three

Another week of FNCS and another Trio has been crowned victorious. Former winners pulled off some huge plays and made it back into the top 10 again. Ultimately though, it was  TMS Commandment Liquid Cented, and NRG Edgey that won it all in week three.

They had a 20 point lead over the second-best team, cruising well ahead of those in third place and below. As per usual, all of the biggest names were lined up to compete. Only three players could walk away with the lion’s share though.

Despite setting a record for the day with four overall match wins, the Trio of Zayt, Saffy, and STREMON couldn’t secure enough kills to boost their points. The final standings can be found below.

FNCS Chapter 2 Season 4 NA East results- Week Three (Top 15)

Place Players Points
1 TSM_Comadon, Liquid ilililil, NRG Edgey 236
2 TNA Deyy, TNA Mero, Reverse2k 216
3 NRG Zayt, TSM saffy, Liquid STREMON 199
4 LG Jampеr, bughа, C9 Avery 195
5 NRG СІіх, illеst, FаZe Bizzle 169
7 LG Slackes, Acоrn, Vanish ʝahq 158
8 Crumblerr, Nexybtw, Marzz_Ow 138
9 FaZe Megga, Liquid Riversan, FаZe Dubs 131
10 Degеn, Ajerss, SEN Animal 129
11 GАВΕ, tаhi, sprite dabdabdab 124
12 zum, skqttles, NRG Ronaldo 108
13 Јoji, Kn1pher, TabzG 103
14 Ghost Nittle, Mikeу, Ghost clarityG 102
15 vsB pgod, Alliege, Jelty 80

While one portion of week three has come to a close, check back soon for the NA West results as well.