Epic Games Updates Fans on When Playground Mode Will Return to Fortnite But It’s Not Good News

Ross Deason

Epic Games has provided another update on the Playground Limited Time mode’s return to Fortnite Battle Royale and it isn’t good news for fans that were hoping for a quick fix.

The Playground Mode was one of the most highly anticipated additions to the game in recent memory as it gave players the chance to practice in a more relaxed environment and hone their skills.

With more resources, every chest spawning in for every game, and the option to play together with friends with friendly fire and unlimited respawns, Playground Mode is the closest thing to a private practice lobby that Fortnite has offered so far.

Introduced as part of the V4.5 update on June 27th, Playground Mode was an instant hit with the players that got to try it out but it was disabled after just a few hours of being live due to the need to “investigate some issues with out matchmaking services.”

Originally this downtime was expected to last just a handful of hours but Epic later announced that it would continue overnight. 24 hours later the mode was still not re-enabled but Epic stated that “We’re still testing these changes but are aiming to return this mode later today.”

Unfortunately, Epic gave another update late on June 28th and the news is, once again, not good. In a statement on Twitter, the game developer said “We need to continue testing our matchmaking improvements” and revealed that more details will be available “tomorrow”.

The extended downtime will be massive disappointment for the millions of Fortnite players worldwide, but it seems likely that Epic is trying to a repeat of the scenario that occurred with the release of the Shopping Carts.

As the first “vehicles” to be added to Fortnite, the Shopping Carts were a highly anticipated addition to the game but they were plagued by bugs and glitches after their release.

Epic attempted to fix the problems and re-enable the Carts on a number of occasions but were forced to keep disabling them until they were finally good to go.

As such, it seems likely that the developers want to avoid this situation with the Playground Mode and only have to fix it one time.

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