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Epic Games respond to freezing and loading screen bug in Fortnite

Published: 4/Jan/2020 15:26

by Joe Craven


Epic Games, developers of the building battle royale Fortnite, have responded to multiple players reporting freezing and loading screen glitches in Chapter 2, preventing them from playing a normal game. 

Fortnite Chapter 2 has been widely credited as breathing new life into Epic Games’ third-person battle royale; doing enough to bring back old players, satisfy the ever-presents and encourage new players to download the game for the first time. 

However, despite its positive reception, fans have still noticed issues with Fortnite, as invasive bugs and glitches threaten its longevity. One bug that has become prominent of late relates to regular freezing and loading screen inconsistencies.  


Epic GamesLoading screens have been selectable for a while in Fortnite.

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On January 3, a number of Fortnite players shared the problems they have been experiencing with Fortnite, many of which seem to overlap.

One player explained that they logged into their game as a default skinned character, despite choosing another. Once in their game, they were plagued by regular appearances from both the map and the loading screen.

Epic Games responded by confirming that the post has been passed on to their technical staff. 

Bug game play. Warning I swear (Aussie) l. All platforms affected. Loaded in as default. Map and loading screen keep popping up. Can’t do anything but jog from FortNiteBR

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However, numerous other players were plagued with similar issues. One PS4 player reported that their loading screen kept popping up arbitrarily during a match, essentially inhibiting them from playing a normal game. 


Similarly, a PC player shared their experience of an incredibly laggy game, in which no players were able to move properly. Epic responded similarly to all players’ posts – asking for more information as they presumably identify the issue.

These all seemed to be linked to the same desynchronization issues that Epic confirmed they were working on. However, they do not seem to be particularly close to a resolution. 

Desynchronization issues from FortNiteBR

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It also seems that more and more people are being affected by the issues, with a number of users joining the Reddit discussion to confirm they have also been experiencing the problems. 


While Epic Games try to identify an issue, you can keep up to date with all the bugs they are tracking at their public Fortnite Trello board. We will update you on the desynchronization issues in Fortnite as more information becomes available.