Epic Games Dev Says New ‘Eye of The Storm Tracker’ Was Accidentally Added to Fortnite Battle Royale

Calum Patterson

It looks like the surprise new addition to Fortnite Battle Royale was not only a surprise to players, but also to developers Epic games.

The new item was found randomly by players in matches, and had not been announced in the recent patch notes or on any of Epic Games’ or Fortnite’s official social channels.

Called ‘Eye of the Storm Tracker’, the new item allowed players to see the storm’s future path on their mini-map, thus meaning they could plan well in advance their route around the island.

With no official announcement, many players were initially bemused by the new item, and thought it may be a glitch in their game.

And it turns out this is partially true, as a leaked message from the official French Epic Games discord claims:

“The backpack “Eye of the Storm” was not planned in the game, it will be removed soon. It is not yet fully ready.”

So perhaps it was released accidentally as part of the recent v.4.2 content update, which would explain why it was missing from the notes.

Image via @Koyamie

It was certainly out of the ordinary for a new item, especially one as significant as this, to be added without any official announcement.

It is unknown how long it will remain in the game for the time being, so fans will need to be quick if they are to try the new item before it is removed.

Whether it will be added back this week is important however, as one of the Week 4 challenges is to ‘Visit the center of different Storm Circles in a single match’, and it was presumed this new item was released to aid with this challenge.

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