Epic Games Clarify Why FaZe Clan’s TFUE Received a Permanent Account Ban

Mike Kent

One of the world’s best Fortnite pro players received a permanent account ban at the hands of Epic Games.

FaZe Clan’s TFUE is widely regarded as one of the top talents in the Fortnite Battle Royale world, but that didn’t stop the developers hitting him with the ban hammer.

His impressive skills at the world’s most popular game have earned him a huge following, but alongside the fame, he has been involved in his fair share of controversy.

The latest incident involves a permanent ban of his primary Fortnite account, for what was originally believed to be because he had been performing a glitch in game on purpose.

TFUE’s teammate, Cloakzy, had incorrectly advised his viewers that TFUE had received the perm ban for exploiting on stream.

With a number of other high profile personalities accused of doing the same thing, questions were asked on Reddit about why TFUE had received this treatment.

As it turned out, it had nothing to do with exploits, but actually to do with buying Fornite accounts, which is heavily against the terms of service of the title.

One Epic Games employee responded to the discussion on Reddit to clarify the situation.

“Account selling or purchasing violates our EULA. Tfuewas aware of this and engaged in that activity anyway. He was also notified of the reason for his account ban, but did not disclose that information to his viewers while streaming.”

At the time of writing TFUE is streaming Fortnite again via an alternative account. He advised his viewers during a brief Q&A that he’s over skins so doesn’t mind having to use standard ones.