Epic Games will be running custom lobbies for Fortnite pros - on one condition - Dexerto

Epic Games will be running custom lobbies for Fortnite pros – on one condition

Published: 13/Sep/2018 18:37 Updated: 13/Sep/2018 19:22

by Virginia Glaze


During a stream by team Liquid Fortnite pro Thomas ‘72hrs’ Mulligan, it was revealed that Epic Games will be providing professional Fornite players with custom lobbies.

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Over the stream’s voice chat, another player revealed that Epic Games would be running these lobbies for pros on Friday, September 14, at 5 PM EST.

However, there was one condition – the players couldn’t refer to the matches as ‘scrims’ while they streamed.

The player stated: “Friday, at 5 PM EST, customs, we cannot refer to them as scrims, and we’re allowed to stream them.”

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He wasn’t the only one to confirm this development, either. Team Liquid’s Poach likewise affirmed the lobbies in his own stream.

“Late night Friday, we’re gonna do Duo Customs for Epic,” he stated to his chat while detailing his upcoming stream schedule.


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As to why players can’t refer to the matches as ‘scrims,’ one Reddit user by the name of Mlinki3636 had a possible explanation. 

In a thread discussing the development, the user stated that custom matches can’t be used for competitive practice, hence Epic’s re-branding of the lobby names. “Because custom games can’t be used for competitive practice,” they stated, “even though pro players mostly play them for practice.”

Another comment revealed that information for the lobbies would be released via a private discord. A user with a verified email, named xil7, stated that Epic would be running the Customs in their Private Replay Discord channel, which some pros have access to.


Additionally, the user stated that these lobbies won’t be a regular occurrence – but confirmed that Epic would allow players to stream the matches.

“These are customs run by Epic in their private Replay Test discord, that some of us have access to,” the user commented in the thread. “These won’t happen often, but at least we can stream them.”

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Players and fans alike can look forward to some top competition on Friday via these custom lobbies – but you won’t hear them referred to as ‘scrims.’