Epic Games announces major change to the Battle Bus in Fortnite

. 4 years ago

Epic Games has revealed an unexpected upgrade to Fortnite Battle Royale’s Battle Bus.

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The Battle Bus doesn’t tend to get many updates, but it looks like Epic wanted it to move a bit faster with their latest update.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Epic Games dropped in on Twitter to let fans know that the Battle Bus will now move 25% faster.

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This isn’t the first time the Battle Bus has gotten an update, though, as it’s undergone minor changes in the past, such as when it got balloons for the game’s one-year anniversary or when players gained the ability to thank the driver

Those updates didn’t impact where players could land, however, making this the first time the Battle Bus has received an update that will affect gameplay.

The Battle Bus speed boost comes just one day after Epic introduced a slew of changes into the game with the V6.10 update, including a new vehicle in the Quadcrasher and more changes to the map.

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No reasoning behind the change was given, but it looks to be just another instance of Epic Games continuing to try and keep the game feeling fresh.

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