Data Miners Claim Flamethrower and Quad Launcher Weapons Are Coming to Fortnite Battle Royale

Two new upcoming weapons for Fortnite Battle Royale have been leaked by data miners following the recent update!

The V5.30 patch is one of the most significant in recent memory, adding the Rift-To-Go item, completely overhauling Tomato Town, and much more.

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But there are yet more changes and items that will presumably be added to the game in the coming days and weeks, including various new cosmetics and even two new weapons!

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According to leaked files from @FNBRLeaks on Twitter, Fortnite will soon be getting a “Quad Launcher” weapon as well as a “Flamethrower”.

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The Quad Launcher, or “Military Rocket”, which originally comes from the Save The World version of Fortnite “may be added and introduced to Battle Royale”, claims FNBRLeaks.

The weapon fires long-range rockets that damage enemies in an area.

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As for the Flamethrower, FNBRLeaks provided one image of some new “Thrower” files that has been added to the game and then added another image with more detail.

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According to the second image, the Flamethrower will be considered an “LMG” and use medium ammo.

@FNBRLeaks / Twitter550 / Twitter300

Of course, all of this information is new and subject to change. Nothing has been confirmed by Epic Games.