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Dakotaz explains the “god awful” part of Fortnite Chapter 2

Published: 21/Oct/2019 15:25 Updated: 27/Oct/2019 13:22

by Connor Bennett


Popular Fortnite fans were finally handed the keys to Chapter 2 on October 15, as Epic Games unveiled their brand new map, leveling system, and changed loot pool.

As with any new season, players have also been able to get their hands on a raft of new cosmetics thanks to the battle pass and the overall feeling has been a positive one – for now, anyway. Yet, Dakotaz has revealed which part of the battle royale he feels is letting it down and will need changing moving forward.

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epic gamesFortnite Chapter 2 has given the popular battle royale title some new life.

During his October 18 stream, the popular Fortnite broadcaster had been waiting to drop into a match when he started talking to his viewers about the new season. 


“Alright guys, listen, I love this season, but the frames are god awful at the game,” he said. “And, they’re pretty bad throughout the game – I’m just saying that man. It’s just like, what is happening bro. I love this season to death but the frames are so bad. They have to fix it.”

Clip for mobile viewers.

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Of course, the streamer isn’t the first player to pick up the FPS issues, as quite a few members of the Fortnite fanbase have been looking for fixes.

Some tips and tricks have been uncovered as temporary workarounds, but they aren’t concrete for everybody and there is some testing that needs to be done to find out what works for each player.


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Thankfully, though, Epic Games has begun investigating the frames issues on their public Trello board, so at least progress is being made in terms of getting a permanent fix.

When that will be, however, is a completely different story as these things can take some time to replicate. Hopefully, it won’t be too far away and the positive atmosphere around Chapter 2 will continue.