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Chaotic ‘Overpowered’ Fortnite concept would be a game changer

Published: 18/Dec/2018 9:55 Updated: 18/Dec/2018 10:10

by David Purcell


Many Fortnite features haven’t gone down too well with fans in the past, whether that’s new weapons or items, but this insane ‘Overpowered’ concept would bring them all back inside a limited time game mode. 

This would mean the return of some of the craziest things to have ever featured in the battle royale game mode, such as the Guided Missile, Shadow Stones and even the controversial Infinity Blade. 

The idea would be to balance out the powers of the weapons. Instead of having one Infinity Blade which is clearly the strongest weapon on the game mode – as was the case after Fortnite’s v7.01 patch – there would be many other overpowered weapons you could use to combat it. 


“Overpowered” – A Fortnite LTM Concept Trailer. What do you guys think about this? Do you think Epic could make something like this? (Explanation in the comments) from r/FortNiteBR

The creator of the idea, Reddit user FinnWasTakenn, posted on the FortniteBR subreddit: “This is a quick concept trailer for an LTM [limited time mode] idea I had just before the Infinity Blade was vaulted. 

“The whole idea of this LTM is to bring back everything that the community and Epic decided was “unbalanced” and put them all into an LTM.” 

A number of vaulted items such as Bouncers, Hop Rocks and even the Jetpack would make a return in this concept as well. 

Fortnite’s overpowered Infinity Blade, which was vaulted by Epic Games on Decemeber 14.

While it is highly unlikely that some of the features in the trailer will return, such as the Infinity Gauntlet, the idea is an interesting one and would certainly bring about some chaotic battles. 


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