Bizzle slams “joke” Fortnite as he splits from Clix & Commandment

Joe Craven
Bizzle and Fortnite Chapter 2 logo on Fortnite Season 3 background

Timothy ‘Bizzle’ Miller, professional Fortnite player for FaZe Clan, has hit out at the building battle royale as a “joke” and a “shambles”, as he confirms the split of his long-time professional trio. 

Trios has grown to be the main competitive mode for Fortnite, meaning the world’s best pro players have been doing their best to find players whom they click with. Bizzle, alongside Clix and Commandment, formed one of the strongest trios in the world, at least on paper.

In reality, Season 3 struggles have plagued the trio, ultimately leading to the announcement of them going in separate directions. In Bizzle’s statement, he fired some shots at Fortnite itself, stating that the game is currently a “shambles”.

Bizzle being interviewed while on Ghost Gaming
Bizzle has been one of the world’s top players for some time now.

Rumors had swirled around Bizzle, Clix, and Commandment, with many considering the trio to be playing at a level less than the sum of their parts.

On July 10, the FaZe Clan star confirmed that the trio would be going their separate ways, explaining that the current state of Fortnite was a major factor in their decision.

“I think the reasoning for this is simply because the game is in complete shambles right now,” Bizzle said. “Before Season 3 we were dominating every single game and then when the new season came, the Shockwave Launcher disabled us from playing the way we were used to and crazy end game lag lead to a lot of thrown games.”

He also stated that Commandment signaled his intent to leave, which gave Bizzle the opportunity to team up with Dubs and Megga.

“Every competitive player knows how big of a joke this game is right now,” he continued, “but when every player wants to be the best and you aren’t winning games change is bound to happen.”

Despite Bizzle seeming reluctant to leave Clix, it seems there are no hard feelings between the two pros. Clix responded to the tweet in a highly complementary fashion, describing Bizzle as “the best player” he has ever played with.

As Clix says, there is the potential to reunite with Bizzle in the future but, for now, you will be able to find the FaZe Clan star playing alongside Dubs and Megga.

Clix, as of the publication of this article, has not commented publicly on whom he will be playing alongside.