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Broken Silver Surfer Board trick lets Fortnite players phase through walls

Published: 1/Sep/2020 7:49

by Andrew Amos


The all-new Marvel items and super powers have been a hit with Fortnite players. However, in a competitive sense, Silver’s Surfers Board might be the most broken. This broken trick is allowing players to phase through walls with the board, making it a must-find. 

Silver Surfer’s Board might just be one of the most broken items added into Fortnite. Part of Season 4’s Nexus War Marvel takeover, the movement item gives players a chance to fly high up in the air almost instantly.

While it’s good in open spaces, so you can pull out your umbrella and glide to places, players are finding a use for it closer to the ground. It appears that you can even used the board while inside a building, or boxed in a fight, to escape.


Silver Surfer Board in Fortnite
Epic Games
The Silver Surfer board is quite broken, especially when you consider this trick.

Reddit user ‘MajorLeagueGMoney’ shared the tip on August 31, which completely revolutionizes how to play late-game fights. If you are getting surrounded by builds, or if you find yourself in a box fight you’re not going to win, all you need to do is pop your Silver Surfer Board.

Activating the board will throw you well outside of the build as the animation kicks off. It’s almost like you vanish in thin air for your opponent. After you dash out, you have two options: flee, or fight.

While the Redditor claimed the trick was “sort of situational, but can be useful for getting free tags [or] losing your enemy,” others have labeled it downright broken. You don’t even need open walls to pop the board ⁠— you can do it in a completely closed off box.


“Sh*t’s a little broken,” one Redditor added. “You can essentially bail yourself out of any outplay the opponent makes on you. Also it’s really good for just mobility.”

While there’s a 15 second cooldown between uses of the board, the one-time use can be enough to reposition yourself to win a fight ⁠— much like what MajorLeagueG did in the clip.

Tip: You can use Silver Surfer board to get out of a box instantly if any side is open, sort of situational but can be useful for getting free tags/losing your enemy. from r/FortniteCompetitive

Obviously, such a broken item can really swing the tides of competitive play. Given there’s only a few of these boards dotted around the map at different Quinjets, those who get their hands on it will certainly have an advantage in fights.


It remains to be seen if this ability is intentional, or just an exploit or bug. If Epic decides to keep the mechanic in, you’ll have to be weary of your opponent disappearing in your box fight, as they could reappear right behind you on Silver Surfer’s Board.