How to claim Fortnite’s PS Plus free celebration bundle

Epic Games

Epic Games and Sony have linked up once again for a brand-new Fortnite cosmetics pack that is exclusive to PS Plus members. If you want to know how you can get your hands on it, follow the steps below.

Even though Fortnite is available to Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile players, PlayStation owners have benefited more than most thanks to the PS Plus bonuses.

These bonuses, which drop periodically, come in the form of cosmetic bundles. Players can get new skins, gliders, weapon wraps, back blings, emotes, and more for free and it helps them stand out from the crowd – especially when it comes to utilizing cross-play with other platforms. 

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As it happens, a new Celebration pack is now available and while the contents might not be as spectacular as some of the previous bundles, everyone loves getting something for free.

Epic GamesPS Plus members get benefits for Fortnite periodically.

The new PS Plus celebration pack was revealed late in the day on July 9, with leakers noting that it would be going live pretty quickly across the world.

Included in the pack are the Introducing… emote, Stratosphere Glider, and Down Arrow contrail. As you can expect, these were all previously leaked in prior patches and are now fully available. 

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If you want to get your hands on the pack, simply head to the PlayStation Store and redeem it. Obviously, you’ll need an active PS Plus membership so don’t try and download it if you haven’t got one.

  1. Head to the PS store
  2. Find the Fortnite page
  3. Head to downloads and find the new pack
  4. Hit download and wait a few seconds.
The Fortnite celebration pack for PS PlusSony/Epic Games
A complete look at the new Fortnite PS Plus celebration pack

Sadly, while there might not be a brand-new skin in this pack to show off, Sony and Epic have released them in previous bundles so you never know what they’re going to release next. 

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Just be sure to keep your eye on the PS store in the future and you could be srt for some additional goodies.

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