All Stone Head Locations for the “Visit Different Stone Heads” Fortnite Challenge

Ross Deason

As you work through the challenges for Week 9 of Season 5 in Fortnite, you’ll find one that asks you to “visit different Stone Heads”. Here’s how it’s done.

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To complete the challenge, you’ll need to visit a total of seven Stone Heads and, by our count, that means you’ll have to visit every single one of them.

The Stone Heads, which look like the Moai ones that are found on Easter Island, appeared at the start of Season 5 in Fortnite, scattered around the map with no explanation.

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As the Stone Heads are rather spread out, the chances of visiting all seven of them in one game are slim. However, getting the challenge completed within two or three matches should be easy enough if you land sensibly.

If you’re not sure about the locations for all of the Stone Heads, we’ve marked all seven of them on the map below:

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All you need to do to complete the challenge is visit each of the locations (touching the Stone Head probably isn’t necessary) briefly before moving on to the next one.

Remember to complete every game that visit a Stone Head in before returning to the lobby. Leaving before you’ve been eliminated, or picked up the Victory Royale, may result in your challenge progress not being applied.

Completing all seven of the challenges will allow you to unlock the bonus “Road Trip” challenge screen. This loading screen will include a hint for a hidden Battle Pass star, or secret Banner, that is hidden somewhere on the map.