All leaked skins and cosmetics in Fortnite Season 4 update

She-Hulk, Thor, Storm, and Iron Man skins in FortniteEpic Games

New season equals a hot new collection of skins in Fortnite. In Chapter 2 Season 4, it’s all about Marvel, with eight of the cinematic universe’s favorite characters joining the fray ⁠— with a selection of skins, pickaxes, gliders, and more to suit everyone.

In case you didn’t notice ⁠— with all the teasers and leaks ⁠— Season 4 has a very heavy Marvel theme. Plenty of fan favorites from the MCU are joining the Fortnite roster ⁠— and you’ll be able to play as them.

There’s over 100 new cosmetics being added as part of the Fortnite v14.00 patch, mostly all to do with the hit comic book and movie franchises. However, there’s also some other goodies in there if the MCU isn’t your thing.

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All Marvel skins in Fortnite Season 4 update

Storm, Groot, Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk), Tony Stark (Iron Man), Mystique, Thor, and Doctor Doom are all being rolled into the Season 4 Battle Pass. If you buy it, you can work your way towards unlocking them.

Wolverine is also coming as part of Season 4, but not in the Battle Pass. It’s likely most players will get him for free just by playing the game. If you want the others, you’ll have to cough up the $10 or so to get the pass.

All of the skins will come with variants, unlockable through completing missions on your battle pass. Each skin will have a Silver, Holo, and Gold Foil variant, while there’ll also be some unique ones ⁠— like the God Emperor Doctor Doom skin.

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Those aren’t the only skins coming in this update. Dread Fate, Dread Omen, and Dark Scully ⁠— all part of the Darkening set ⁠— will also be made available in the Item Shop in the coming weeks.

New Marvel skins in Fortnite Season 4Twitter: Lucas7yoshi
There’s a total of 14 new skins coming after Fortnite Patch 14.00.

All Marvel gliders and pickaxes in Fortnite Season 4 update

Unsurprisingly, all of the new Marvel universe characters will be getting individualized gliders and pickaxes. All of these can be unlocked through the Season 4 battle pass ⁠— except for Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws, which are also free.

Pickaxes like Thor’s iconic Mjolnir obviously made the cut. However, there’s some interesting designs, like Groot’s Root Wing and Sap Axes ⁠— which the devs pointed out “are also Groot.” There is also a generic Marvel themed umbrella called the Mighty Marvel ‘Brella, and yes, It’ll be customizable like the others.

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Outside of the Marvel designs, the Dark Splitter has been added as part of the Darkening set for the Dead Fate, Dread Omen, and Dark Scully skins.

New pickaxes and gliders in Fortnite Season 4Twitter: Lucas7yoshi
Each new Marvel skin will have an accompanying glider, pickaxe, spray, emote, and weapon wrap to unlock.

All Marvel emotes, sprays, and backblings in Fortnite Season 4 update

It wouldn’t be a completed Fortnite skin without a backbling nowadays. From Storm’s Cloak, to a Sapling Groot, and Iron Man’s Backplate, you can get your assortment of Marvel-themed backblings to accompany your skins through the Season 4 battle pass.

Each Marvel skin also has an accompanying emote ⁠— like the God of Thunder stance for Thor ⁠— and a spray: Our personal favorite is the She-Hulk Smash.

If Marvel isn’t your thing, but TikTok and Doja Cat is, then you would probably be interested in the new Say So emote. If you wanted to dance like your favorite social media stars in Fortnite, now you can.

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All Marvel weapon wraps and loading screens in Fortnite Season 4 update

There’s a selection of wraps you can pick up to accompany your new Marvel skins ⁠— if you really want to go for the whole hog. From the Groot Sap wrap, to Iron Man’s Inventors Choice, each skin has one to fit their theme. Like most of the Marvel cosmetics, all of them will be locked behind the Season 4 battle pass ⁠— except for the Wolverine one.

There’s also individual loading screens based around the MCU, each drawn by a different artist. Finally, there’s four regular wraps being added ⁠— the Danger Frog, Melty Gold, Violet Tentacles, and Angelfish. You can expect these to pop up in the Item Shop in the coming weeks.

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Fortnite Season 4 is jam-packed with new content ⁠— as you can see with everything we’ve listed ⁠— with a whole new battle pass, new weapons and floppers, and heaps more. There’s a lot to unpack, but be sure to stick with Dexerto, as we will be sure no stone is left unturned as Fortnite marches towards its Nexus War.