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All leaked skins and cosmetics from Fortnite Patch v13.20

Published: 30/Jun/2020 7:38

by Andrew Amos


We skipped a beat in Fortnite Patch v13.20. You didn’t miss v13.10, it just never happened. If you’ve been looking forward to new cosmetics after the dump at the start of Season 3, you’ll be in for a treat this patch, with plenty of new skins, weapon wraps, gliders, pickaxes, and more arriving soon.

After the 200+ cosmetics added at the start of Season 3, the new items added in Fortnite Patch v13.20 might seem pretty insignificant in comparison.

However, there’s bound to be something to like for most players, with a dozen new skins being added, alongside new pickaxes, gliders, weapon wraps, and more.


They’ll start appearing in your stores soon, so keep an eye out for these goodies below in the coming weeks if you want to equip them for yourself.

Fortnite Patch v13.20 leaked skins

12 skins have been leaked as part of Fortnite’s latest update, although not many of them are too inspiring. The Darkheart outfit ⁠— the sort of anti-Christ of an angel ⁠— might pique some player’s interest.

Same goes for the enigmatic Jonesy showing off his wares in the Dad Bod Jonesy skin. With his gut hanging out and a pocket full of french fries, he’s come straight from the 4th of July BBQ to play some Fortnite with the rest of the game.


There’s also some quirky skins in the Cozy and Comfy Chomps, and the Lada skin ⁠— short for Enchilada. The skins will make an appearance in the in-game shop sometime after Patch v13.20 goes live.

Fortnite Patch v13.20 leaked gliders and pickaxes

In the glider department, there’s not much to get excited about in Patch v13.20. The Sail Shark and the Green Eagle sliders will pair nicely with the Chomps and Kyra skins respectively.

However, in the pickaxe department, there’s definitely a bit more to get hyped for. 13 new harvesting tools are coming in this patch ⁠— some serious like the Bewitching Blades for Darkheart, and some less so, like the candy-themed Lil’ Sweeties and Two Scoops axes.


Leaked pickaxes and gliders from Fortnite Patch v13.20
Twitter: Lucas7yoshi
Not many gliders on offer, but plenty of pickaxes in Fortnite Patch v13.20

All of the pickaxes entering this week come in at blue rarity or lower too, meaning they’ll be slightly more affordable than some previous hauls.

Fortnite Patch v13.20 leaked backblings and weapon wraps

Each skin coming out in v13.20 will have an accompanying backbling, including the Heartless Wings for Darkheart. There is some food inspired goodies like the Capearoni and the Beef Pack, while the Chomps skins can be paired perfectly with the Overbite and Sharky Shawl.

Weapon wraps wise, six new gun skins will be hitting the store come next update. Most of them are quite vibrant, like the Linear Streak, Burning Bright, Afterparty, and Stylish Stripes skins.


However, if you want something that changes with the time of day, the Fighting Fish might be more your style. It might look more bland on the cover, but you will be able to watch it evolve as you play more and more games throughout the day.

Outside of this, sprays for FNCS Chapter 2 Season 3 have been added, signalling that the premier tournament is just around the corner. Numerous emotes were also added, and will be on sale in the store soon.

Looking beyond cosmetics, Fortnite’s v13.20 update will also feature a few in-game changes. The Flare Gun is being added, while the flooding across the map is starting to recede. As always, stick with Dexerto for the latest Fortnite updates as they happen on patch day.