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Ali-A reveals how Fortnite clues may hint at upcoming Mythic abilities

Published: 9/Nov/2020 20:11 Updated: 9/Nov/2020 21:04

by Alan Bernal


Fortnite YouTuber Ali-A has suspicions that Epic Games could be hiding the next Mythic abilities and weapons in plain sight using splash art for Marvel heroes in the battle royale.

So far, newer characters like Ghost Rider and Daredevil have appeared in special Marvel Knockout Super Series Cups to unlock the characters. But Ali-A noticed the distinct imagery that filled the void behind the heroes.

Now some of these will look familiar to Fortnite players seeing as the Mythic ability they correspond to have already been integrated within the game. However it could be that Epic are giving fans a quick teaser of upcoming signature weapons.


“We’ve had Fireballs, we’ve had Claws,” Ali-A explained. “We’ve had loads of icons that are shown in the background, yet they just haven’t appearing [in Fortnite].”

Epic Games
Ali-A has been suspicious about some of the icons seen in the Marvel Fortnite graphics.

The Fortnite x Marvel collaboration has been building up to Galactus and the inevitable end of the Nexus War event, meaning the adventure with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and friends isn’t going away just yet.

This means that a number of skins, abilities, and even characters could yet to even make their presence known on the Fortnite island, seeing as Galactus would need an army of heroes to effectively meet the threat.


“The fact they’re using these Mythic icons on their official Fortnite imagery makes me think these definitely have to come out. And it’s a good sign that more Mythic abilities, weapons and potential Bosses are coming to the Fortnite map,” Ali-A said.

As far as the YouTuber is concerned, Epic has been feeding these small clues for anyone that cares to pay attention – especially since they can have major implications for incoming content.

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For example, there have been leaks in the past few weeks that suggest an updated model for Black Widow will be coming to Fortnite. The first Marvel hero in Fortnite, the heroine is expected to get another skin, and possibly Mythic weapon, for her upcoming ‘Black Widow’ Marvel movie.


Epic Games have loads of different avenues to explore until the end of the Nexus War, which could introduce more Marvel heroes into Fortnite.