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Ability to Fully Customize Controller Button Layout is Coming to Console Fortnite

Published: 24/Aug/2018 20:37 Updated: 24/Aug/2018 20:43

by Albert Petrosyan


A major change is coming to Fortnite for those who play the game on console using a controller.

Epic Games has announced that consoles players will soon be getting the ability to customize their controls and remap their gamepad to their exact preference.

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The news was announced in the newly released August version of the State of Development post released on August 24.

Custom Controls
We are hoping to land this later in the year, and it will give you the ability to completely remap your gamepad to exactly your preference. In addition to customization, we’re continuing to hammer away at feel and optimizations for controllers across all platforms. 

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This news will likely be very positively received among the console Fortnite community and player-base.

Although the addition of the ‘Builder Pro’ controller layout drastically improved console building and made it faster than ever, many players still lament the fact that they do not have the same, full customization ability as their PC counterparts.


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In addition to custom controls, the post also mentions that Epic are looking to “hammer away at feel and optimization for controllers across all platforms,” which could mean further improvement for controllers down the line.

Although no date for the implementation of these new features is specified, they are in development will likely be launched sometime later this year.