A Chinese New Year event could be coming to Fortnite

Connor Bennett

Chinese New Year is just around the corner on February 5, so, could that mean that Fortnite will once again get an in-game event to mark the celebrations?

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All around the world, Chinese people are gearing up for the New Year celebrations to usher in the Year of the Pig. However, there is one place left asking if they’ll be having a party too – the Fortnite Battle Royale island. 

Epic Games have been on point with their limited time events recently with the Battle Royale title so it would make sense for them to have something planned for the massive celebration that is Chinese New Year – and possible leaks suggest that they could be doing just that.

There was an in-game event for Lunar New Year – a year ago.

According to supposed leaks from FireMonkeyFN on Twitter, a video has appeared on the Chinese Fortnite website – fn.qq.com – with a scene representing a Chinese New Years-like celebration.

The video loop, which only lasts for a few seconds, shows a number of different skins lighting multiple fireworks and celebrating the new year at Lucky Landing – an appropriate location on the Battle Royale map for a Chinese New Years party.

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However, it’s unconfirmed if Epic Games is set to add a Chinese New Years celebration event. The game’s popularity in China would suggest that something may be planned for that market but a wider party, maybe less so. 

With the leak of the photo and the supposed addition of the new ‘Bottle Rockets’ item, it’s very possible that an event may come – with the Bottle Rockets representing a new type of Firework for the party.

Until Epic makes some sort of an announcement either way, keep your eyes locked on Dexerto for all the Fortnite breaking news and updates.