Upcoming Fortnite mode teased through in-game load screens

Eli Becht

With Fortnite patch v9.30, dataminers were able to uncover a whole lot about the future of the game, including the ‘The Blues’ limited-time mode, and new in-game loading screens show that it could be here soon.

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Outside of the traditional battle royale game modes in Fortnite, Epic Games features a variety of other modes for the more casual players, and to show off many of the ways their game can stand apart from the competition.

One of these new LTMs, or limited-time modes, is called The Blues, and while it hasn’t officially been announced, it sounds like we have a lot of evidence pointing to its existence. 

The Blues LTM will only feature blue rarity items.
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Dataminers have discovered the mode in the files with the v9.30 update, including skins and various cosmetics, and now players are seeing a load screen for the mode in the Solid Gold LTM.

From the sounds of things, The Blues LTM will work very similar to how the Solid Gold one currently does, but just with different items. The storm will move a bit quicker and farming rates will be increased to make for some speedier matches.

RedditThe Blues loading screen.
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What is The Blues?

The Blues LTM will take every item in the match and make it the Blue rarity so you won’t be seeing things like the Scar or Boom Bow make appearances here.

However, the Combat Shotgun and Drum Gun will both be here so it’s not like the endgame meta will feel all that different.

No release date has been given for this LTM and with Epic Games employees currently on a vacation, it could be a little while before it’s introduced, unless it’s scheduled to go live over the break.

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