Fortnite set to receive new Air Strike item, according to leaks

Meg Bethany Koepp

Fortnite players will be getting their hands on the new Air Strike item in the near future, according to data mines by well-known leakers.

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Epic Games has just released Fortnite’s v9.30 patch, and with it came plenty of leaks including a new Drum Shotgun, and a whole horde of skins and cosmetic items.

Data miners have now also dug up assets containing information on a new item coming to the game in the near future: the Air Strike.

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What is the Air Strike?

While not much is known about the new item, the description ‘Elimination from above’ gives us some insight into how it could be used. 

It could be similar to the Air Strike Gadget seen in Fortnite’s Save the World mode, where players use it to drop five bombs on a designated area. If this is the case, then it would absolutely wreak havoc on enemy players.

Leakers also unearthed accompanying sound files that detail just how devastating the item could be to opponents if used properly – it sounds like it could be an all-out war zone.

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When will we get the Air Strike item?

Epic Games hasn’t announced the item itself yet, so there’s no confirmation of an official release date as of yet. The new Chug Splash item was unveiled in the in-game ‘Message of the Day’ change, so maybe the Air Strike will show up there at some point.

Popular leaker Lucas7yoshi confirmed that the item might not be for the game’s main modes though, tweeting, “hi im back this may not be for the main modes but im tired so i can’t confirm okay have fun bai”

Instead, we could see it during the new 14 Days of Summer event thought to be coming at the start of summer on June 21. Whether it’ll stay in the game past that is anybody’s guess.

Hopefully Epic Games announce this new item officially soon, as it looks like it could shake the game up in new ways, and keep players on their toes at all times for an incoming air missile strike.

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