Wendy’s appears to call out other fast food chains for $5 value meals in new ad campaign

Maddy Kinkead
wendy's $5 meal

Wendy’s looks to have thrown some serious shade at other fast food chains in their most recent ad campaign.

The TV advert, which dropped on June 24, 2024 focuses around their $5 Biggie Bag, which has been around since 2019.

With fast food inflation rising exponentially in 2024, many chains like McDonald’s and KFC have launched $5 value meals, but Wendy’s is here to remind you that they did it first.

The ad, which shows a $5 Biggie Bag meal featuring a Wendy’s hamburger, fries, and a cola, has a voiceover that states: “It kinda feels like everybody’s trying to copy the $5 Biggie Bag.”

“So how can you spot a knockoff? Uhm, it won’t taste like Wendy’s.”

The ad then goes on to say, “This job is easy,” appearing to state that there’s no competition for Wendy’s.

The value meals that have been dropping recently are numerous, so much so that we even ranked all of them. From McDonald’s $5 meal to Jack in the Box’s munchies under $4, fast food chains are racing to gain back customers since studies found that nearly 80% of American citizens see fast food as a luxury item in 2024.

Wendy’s did technically do it first. Their Biggie Bag has always been $5, and unlike some other chains, is a permanent menu feature.

The Biggie Bag features the choice of a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger or Crispy Chicken Sandwich paired with a 4-piece nugget, one Jr. fries and a small soft drink. Since June 20, customers have been able to add a small frosty too, free of charge.

wendys burgers
Wendy’s have the OG value meal.

People in the comments were very amused by this call out from Wendy’s, with someone commenting, “Fast food chains beefing has to be the funniest beef.”

Another seemed to think that this ad was firing shots specifically at McDonald’s, saying: “I started dying because I knew exactly who they were talking about.” and another simply saying, “Wendy’s ate.”

People claim to agree with the ad, stating that Wendy’s does taste better, and that you can upsize the drink and fries for a small extra fee. However, others were mentioning that a biggie bag cost $7-8 depending on what state they lived in.

If you’re still on the hunt for fast food bargains, Burger King is giving away free burgers every Friday.

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