Valentine’s Day chocolate covered broccoli treats are grossing out the internet

Molly Byrne
chocolate covered broccoli

After the release of Valentine’s Day chocolate-covered broccoli treats, the internet is gasping for air at the thought of trying them.

To kick off the start of Valentine’s Day, food-based company Tenderstem has released chocolate-infused broccoli treats.

Made with all sorts of European ingredients, Tenderstem’s chocolate broccoli is a top-tier product.

However, those who have heard of the Valentine’s Day-themed treats are rather disgusted, with one person saying their husband would leave her if she gifted them to him.

Chocolate-covered broccolis come nine to a box

With a packaging label that reads, “Show your tender side this Valentine’s Day with these limited edition fresh dark chocolates filled with a gentle Tenderstem broccoli,” one would think there’d be some stretch of interest.

Not to mention the almond notes, 72% Ecuadorian dark chocolate, green broccoli ganache, and fresh Dorset cream that make up the unique treat.

That said, not many people want to try the chocolate-covered broccolis that come nine to a box.

When NewFoodsUK announced Tenderstem’s new release on Instagram, many individuals made it clear how disgusted they were, “No. No. No. I love broccoli. I love chocolate. But this is a clear no no no.”

And, “I’m not sure about this,” as well as, “‘Surely not the broccoli x choc infusion…”

Though many others tagged their friends in the post, joking about gifting it to them, there were a few who said they would give it a go. 

Luckily for those interested, Tenderstem is hosting a giveaway to those who go to their website and follow the necessary steps to receive their free chocolate-covered broccoli. That said, we’re not too sure how many parties will be running to do so.

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