McDonald’s customer who ordered ice cream at 2AM shocked by what she is given

Lauren Lewis
McDonald's customer shocked by what they are given

A McDonald’s customer who ordered ice cream at two o’clock in the morning was shocked by what she was actually given – ice and cream. 

In a video that’s gained over 370,000 views on TikTok, a McDonald’s customer named Bee found her craving the fast food restaurant’s classic ice cream at 2 AM. 

Unfortunately for her, what she was actually given was wholly unexpected. “Tell me why we go to McDonald’s for ice cream at 2, 3 in the morning, and [they] gave me,” Bee says before another woman in the car replies. “Ice, cream… Ice and cream?”

“Like, he gave me ice cream,” Bee says.

“He’s messed up,” the passenger adds. 

TikTokers weigh in on McDonalds ice cream fiasco

After the video was posted on the platform, people were wholly confused about why Bee was given such a bizarre item following on from her simple request for ice cream.

“Someone need get fired on the job,” one said, clearly unimpressed by the item. 

“Girl omg. This reminds me of when my friend wanted a slice of pizza so she said ‘a slice of cheese and they came out with a literal slice of Kraft cheese,” another said followed by a series of laughing emojis. 

“He’s probably sleepy,” another wrote, attempting to explain the server’s bizarre decision. 

Some, however, thought that Bee was the odd one for ordering ice cream so late, writing: “Probably because it’s 2:03 AM and you’re ordering ice cream at a McDonald’s.”

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