Little Caesars customer slammed for returning $7 pizza and getting roasted

Meera Jacka
Little Caesars customer slammed after returning $7 pizza and getting roasted

A Little Caesars customer has been slammed online after posting their heated interaction with a manager due to returning a $7 pizza.

Little Caesars has long been a favorite amongst pizza lovers for its famous “hot and ready” options that allow customers to purchase pizza quickly and without hassle.

However, one man bit off more than he could chew after posting a video to TikTok that quickly went viral as viewers teamed up against him.

Shared on TikTok account ‘dawid.outdoor,’ the man attempted to put a Little Caesars’ manager on blast after she slammed him for demanding a refund. What he likely didn’t expect was for viewers to side with the unimpressed manager.

“Staphylococcus meningitis. He got Staphylococcus from all of this garlic butter,” the manager announced as the man filmed her at the drive-thru. “I’ll give you your money back, you don’t have to record me. I know what I’ve done — I didn’t call you and say I got food poisoning.”

When the man attempted to interrupt her, she showed the pizza box he had returned had most of its contents eaten; “You said you had food poisoning and you bring it back and it’s all gone. And you got garlic butter all over, no wonder you got sick.”

“Am I allowed to talk?” the man quizzed, but was quickly shut down. The Little Caesars manager didn’t hesitate to continue roasting him, dubbing the unhappy customer “Mr. I got food poisoning 2 seconds after I ate.”

The man responded by stating she needed to “work on [her] customer service”, resulting in him being told that “liars” weren’t welcome at Little Caesars. The video garnered 3.6 million views on TikTok, with viewers siding with the manager.

“Give that woman a raise!” one person commented. Another asked, “Why did you eat half of the pizza and bring it back?”

Many slammed the man’s demand for a refund considering the pizza cost only $7, praising the manager for ‘dragging’ him for the “wild” request; “She ended you so bad omg I would delete this.”