TikToker blasts Little Caesars worker for crushing his pizza and cursing him out

TikToker says Little Caesar's worker crushed his pizzaTIKTOK: thetwistedwinter

A TikToker left viewers divided after blasting a Little Caesars worker who allegedly crushed his pizza and cursed him out.

The customer, who posts under the handle thetwistedwinter, accused a Little Caesars worker of cursing at him and intentionally crushing his pizza box.

While he didn’t catch the first part of this altercation on camera, the video ended with a clip of the employee telling him to get out of the restaurant, dismissing the customer’s complaints.

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The argument began over Little Caesars’ Hot-N-Ready menu, which promises a hot, fresh pizza within minutes of ordering.

The TikToker explained that he ordered a cheese pizza, but when he arrived there weren’t any Hot-N-Ready pizzas available. The store manager, however, asked him to wait for his pizza to be heated up.

The clip then transitions to his encounter with the worker. “This dude just crushed my pizza, and told me to get the eff out of his store” the customer said, as the worker walked around behind the counter.

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“Oh you’re on video now you crushed my pizza, man. I want a refund…” he said, as the employee looked at him and pointed to the exit, and told him to “get the f**k out of here, get out.”

The customer demanded a refund, to which the worker replied, “I will give you a refund, but get out.”

After some back and forth, the customer asked him if he’s the owner of the establishment. The employee said no and again told him to get out of the store while giving him his money back from the register.

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“He’s just going down, that’s all,” the TikToker said at the end of the clip.

TikTok divided after Little Caesars worker crushed customer’s pizza

Many TikTok users sided with the worker, suspecting that the customer had given him a hard time.

“I mean why antagonize the guy,” one questioned, to which the TikToker replied that “everything was fine until he lunged for the pizza I had already paid for and got out of the portal.”

“As someone who works customer service, my gut is telling me there’s more to this story than you’re letting on,” another wrote.

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“I’m not buying it. He may have cursed but he seemed more calm than you. I want to hear the employee’s side cause yall be wildin’,” a third shared.

Others sided with the customer.

“I hope you get some resolution,” one comment read, while another said “The way he swatted at your phone when he came out makes me believe you.”

The TikToker has since said that Little Caesar’s has not contacted him about the incident, and has made attempts to contact them.

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