Little Caesars raised their prices and TikTok is losing it

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Some TikTok users expressed disappointment after learning that Little Caesars increased the prices of various menu items, such as the Hot-N-Ready pizza.

Little Caesars has long held a special place in the hearts of many pizza lovers for its famous Hot-N-Ready pepperoni pizza, which traditionally bears a $5 price tag.

Earlier this year, however, the pizza chain raised the price by 11 percent to $5.55, news that didn’t sit well with some regular customers.

The higher cost came as a result of the classic pizza itself receiving a makeover that adds 33 percent more pepperoni to the pie.

Little Caesars touted the move as one that offers customers “more meat for their money.” But it seems that quite a few cheap pizza connoisseurs simply prefer the previous $5 offerings.

TikToker upset after learning of increased Little Caesars prices

little caesars hot-n-ready prices hikedLittle Caesars Pizza
The Large Classic Hot-N-Ready pizza costs 11 percent more.

TikTok user Life So Divine recently posted a clip of their reaction to price changes at Little Caesars.

In the video, the TikToker shows the chain’s drive-thru menu, which features a few items taped over with new prices.

Instead of finding the $5 or $6 pizzas they were looking for, Life So Divine noticed the Classic Hot-N-Ready Pizza now costs $7.39. The Extramost Bestest option is $8.39.

Users in the comments shared their surprise, as well. Some even noted that other chains such as Domino’s offer better pizzas for the same cost or less.

Of course, several factors could explain Little Caesars’ increased prices, beyond the menu change from earlier in the year.

Inflation is taking a toll on countless industries across the United States, for example. In addition, the cost of food and other common goods often differs between states.

If and when Little Caesars’ will bring its prices back down presently remains unknown.