Pro bodybuilder Greg Doucette claims UFC’s Israel Adesanya is on PEDs

Daniel Cleary
Greg Doucette poses next to a photo of Israel Adesanya

IFBB bodybuilder and fitness YouTuber Greg Doucette has accused UFC Middleweight Champion, Israel Adesanya, of taking performance-enhancing drugs, after he defended his title against Paulo Costa.

The UFC or ‘Ultimate Fighting Championship’ recently held yet another event, UFC 253, on September 27, with a stacked ‘Fight Island’ card in Abu Dhabi.

The main event saw two undefeated fighters, Israel Adesanya and rising Brazilian star Paulo Costa, contend for the middleweight title. The reigning champ won the bout in dominant fashion, with a second round TKO.

However, despite the Stylebender’s successful title defense, Adesanya was met with a lot of criticism following the fight, particularly from popular personalities in the fitness world, who were suspicious of the Nigerian’s physique.

Having competed as a professional kickboxer since 2010, Israel Adesanya has had an impressive record as an athlete even before signing to the UFC. But, pro bodybuilder Greg Doucette claimed he spotted something in his recent bout that suggested he was taking PEDs.

During Docuette’s latest installment of ‘Natty or Not,’ a popular series where he analyzes an athlete to determine whether they are natural, the fitness coach claimed that Adesanya has Gynecomastia, a common physical side-effect seen with PED users.

“Adesanya is so cocky, he thinks he’s so good it’s unbelievable, meanwhile he’s cheating.” he claimed, “He is cheating for sure.”

The side effect, which is seen around the pectoral muscles in those who use different forms of hormone therapy, suggested to Doucette that he may have been taking testosterone ahead of his fight.

After pointing out the difference in Adesanya’s physique with photos from only a year prior, Doucette claimed that he was “sure” he had cheated, and revealed that there were ways for the drugs to leave your body quickly, which would prevent USADA and the UFC from discovering any use of PEDs.

However, it is worth noting that while Doucette seemed confident in his claims, there are other ways for this bizarre attribute to appear such as with drastic changes in body weight, so it is difficult to be completely sure.

Adesanya has not responded to the claims from Greg Doucette or those from other fitness influencers who have highlighted his recent physique.