Wholesome FFXIV party charms community by accommodating disabled player

Liam Ho
Final Fantasy XIV Palace

A wholesome Final Fantasy XIV party has charmed the community for being accommodating and kind to a disabled new player who wasn’t able to do large dungeon pulls.

A Final Fantasy XIV dungeon run has swept the community off its feet thanks to the wholesome interaction within the party. The healer was handicapped and notified the party that they would have limited play as a result. Alongside this, the player was also a Sprout, which meant they were new to the game in general, implying they were still learning.

Dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV rely on the healer to keep the party alive, making their job vitally important, particularly at lower levels when tanks have less sustainability and mitigation.

And even though the first tank decided to leave, the second was far more accommodating, allowing the player to successfully clear the dungeon. The sprout thanked the other party members for letting them play.

The interaction between the group was so wholesome it melted Twitter users’ hearts, who were glad to see the community being accommodating, despite a few bad eggs.

“My heart broke when they typed thank you for allowing me to play. Be kind!!!” the user tweeted out.

Final Fantasy XIV is well known for its kind and wholesome community, one that is built upon a shared appreciation for the game and its many facets like story, raiding, and much more.

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