FFXIV players host Annual Walk in honor of Rare Disease Awareness Day

Liam Ho
FFXIV Island Sanctuary

Final Fantasy XIV players have hosted their 3rd Annual Walk across Eorzea in honor of Rare Disease Awareness Day.

Square Enix’s ever-popular MMO Final Fantasy XIV is a game that has appeal to almost all gamers. With an amazing story and plenty of engaging side content, no matter what sort of gamer you are, there’s bound to be stuff for you to do in the game.

It makes sense why so many layers have fallen in love with the MMO, spending countless hours with their Warrior of Light, really becoming synonymous with their character. This has created a friendly and positive community, one that really supports and helps out one another.

This includes hosting community events and celebrating the shared love for the game. However, a recent event went above and beyond Eorzea, in honor of Rare Disease Awareness Day.

Free Company Misfits of Nobility hosted an event that saw players role-play walk across A Realm Reborn zones. This was all done in honor of Rare Disease Awareness Month and provided a charity fundraiser for the Acute Flaccid Myelitis Association.

The event, which was streamed on Twitch saw plenty of players stroll across the zones of A Realm Reborn, handing out prizes to those who walked with them in the process. This included mounts and minions from the FFXIV store and more.

You can watch the full VOD of the event on Twitch here, and donate via their SpotFund page here.

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