FFXIV community rallies together to support player who missed FanFest 2023 due to a stroke

Liam Ho
Final Fantasy XIV Gearing in 6.4

The Final Fantasy XIV community has rallied together to show support to a player that missed out on FanFest 2023 due to requiring surgery after a stroke.

Final Fantasy XIV has one of the most active communities in all of gaming today. The MMORPG has captured millions of fans with its rich storytelling, lovable characters, and fascinating and expansive world. Players of Final Fantasy XIV devoutly defend the game and often show their love for the title through fan art, cosplay, and other creative mediums.

Not only that, but the player base is incredibly interactive with one another. Often times players will look to queue dungeons together, formulate free companies, and purchase and decorate houses together. This is especially so for new players, which the Final Fantasy XIV community welcomes with open arms, which can be in stark contrast to other MMO communities that have been known to gatekeep newer players.

A recent example of the kindness displayed by the FFXIV community came in the form of the support given to one player in particular. After finding out that one player’s friend couldn’t attend FanFest 2023 due to heart surgery, streamer llamatodd helped raise awareness via Twitter, drumming up support for the player.

Llamatodd, who has survived a stroke, was brought to tears by the news.

The player whose in-game name is Illowolf Coriome plays on the Leviathan server and was supposed to attend the festivities at FanFest. Unfortunately due to a stroke two weeks before the convention, they were unable to attend the event due to a heart surgery scheduled for August 1st.

Players flooded Illowolf’s Discord and Twitter DMs with heartfelt messages and support. Illo however did not set up a GoFundMe as they didn’t want to burden other players.