How long is Final Fantasy 16? Main story length & completionist run

clive running through final fantasy 16 worldSquare Enix

Final Fantasy 16 is the latest offering from Square Enix in their iconic JRPG saga, but how long exactly is the latest adventure going to last? Today, we run through its main story length, as well as its overall length when you factor in side content.

The JRPG genre has been underpinned by Square Enix for several decades now with the Japanese powerhouse proving to be technically proficient when it comes to this type of game. Final Fantasy 16 is the next mainline entry in the series – after the recent Final Fantasy 7 and Crisis Core remakes.

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Through various trailers, we already know a fair bit about the game and its main protagonist – Clive Rosfield. However, its hefty palette of content is likely going to consume a lot of hours, but how many to be exact?

Let’s walk you through how long you can expect to spend playing Final Fantasy 16.

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According to a translated interview with Final Fantasy 16’s developers, via @aitaikimochi, it’s expected that a total of 35 hours will be required for players to complete the game while exploring here and there.

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This is only for a basic run of the game though. For those completionist players who want to see and do everything, then you’re going to be looking at a rather more sizable 70-80 hours to see what the world of Valisthea has in store for you.

Final Fantasy games have always been known for having a litany of adventurous side quests and mini-games propping up the heavyweight nature of the game’s central narrative.

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With time to go until the full game releases, don’t be surprised if the final calculation ends up being bigger than current approximations.

If you’re eager to keep up with all things Final Fantasy 16, and the franchise in general, then keep up to date with our main Final Fantasy page.

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