Final Fantasy VII Rebirth fans ecstatic as you can finally ditch Cloud 

Scott Baird
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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth fans are happy about the reveal that you can remove Cloud Strife from your party, allowing you to mix and match the characters to a greater degree than before.

There’s no denying that Cloud Strife is among the most popular Final Fantasy characters of all time, if not the most popular, as he was the face of the game that pushed the series to mainstream success outside of Japan.

The people who played Final Fantasy VII Remake had to get used to seeing Cloud’s face, as he was present throughout most of the game. Sure, there were segments where you got to play as the other characters, and the DLC was just about Yuffie, but Cloud was in your part most of the time .

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth features new playable characters and a fresh Team Synergy combat mechanic, yet those options going to be stimied by Cloud’s presence in the party. Luckily, players will have options this time around.

FF7 Rebirth lets you remove Cloud from party

A user on the FFVIIRemake Reddit has shared an update from Final Fantasy VII Rebirth director Naoki Hamaguchi, who said that players will be able to take Cloud out of their party, but there’s a catch, as they must complete a Chapter first before being able to remove him.

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“Ngl, I definitely look forward to that. While I like Cloud‘s gameplay, it is kinda limiting for variation when a team of three always has one fixed character,” one user wrote, while another said, “It’s a nice addition. Complete the game, play it in hard mode, and then customize your own party to suit.”

“Now that’s dope. I always don’t mind having cloud, but when I change party leader, I’d like to control that character. And I plan on controlling Red, any time I can,” another user claimed, while another says, “One of my fav features in this game tbh.. it might sound like it’s nothing to some but man…having the ability to control diff members as your party leader is HUGE.

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Cloud’s such a big part of the story in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth that it makes sense to force his presence during an initial playthrough. The ability to switch him out will be better for Hard Mode, where players will have more options for dealing with the more difficult fights.

Assuming Cloud isn’t killed off in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, he will return as the team leader in the third game in the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy. This should adapt a much more open part of the original game, so the day may come when players have the option to bench Cloud for good.

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