Final Fantasy 16 players discover Easter egg tribute to FF9 character

Cassidy Stephenson
Final Fantasy 16 players find FF9 Vivi

Final Fantasy 16 players have noticed quite the heartbreaking tribute to one iconic FF9 character.

Following its June 22 release date, Final Fantasy 16 has earned overwhelmingly positive reviews from major gaming websites. The sheer praise stems from its stunning visuals and excellent action-oriented combat system.

However, some lifelong Final Fantasy fans aren’t impressed with the Square Enix franchise’s latest installment. Specifically, several reviewers explained how the game “completely betrays” Final Fantasy due to its many differences from previous entries.

Therefore, some players felt slightly emotional when they noticed an FF9 Easter egg in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 includes dreary FF9 reference

A screenshot of Clive and Jill from Final Fantasy 16

A Reddit user revealed who they came across on the Final Fantasy 16 subreddit. During the beginning hours of FF16’s main story, you can encounter a scarecrow chilling in a cornfield. However, the farm decoy resembles the black mage Vivi from Final Fantasy 9.

“In this universe, he’s a lifeless scarecrow. In another, he’s a child wizard having an existential crisis,” one fan wrote.

“The fact he’s beside a windmill is a really nice touch – IIRC Vivi was really excited to see a windmill in FFIX at Dali,” another player remarked.

If you haven’t played Final Fantasy 9 – spoilers ahead – at the end of the game, Vivi dies after your team’s final battle against Necron. Therefore, the FF16 tribute was a little depressing but, at the same time, sentimental.

On the other hand, some players speculated the Easter egg could be a teaser for the Final Fantasy 9 remake. Recently, an industry insider claimed the title was still “happening and real” almost two years after the Nvidia GeForce Now ordeal.

In September 2021, the huge Nvidia GeForce Now leak featured unannounced games – some of which already have release dates. Examples include Tekken 8, Mortal Kombat 1, and Helldivers 2.

At the time of writing, Square Enix has not confirmed the development of a Final Fantasy 9 remake.

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