FFXIV players frustrated at “ridiculous” wait times for Anabaseios savage tier unlock

Liam Ho
FFXIV Anabaseios

Final Fantasy XIV players have expressed their frustration at the “ridiculous” wait times for the recent Anabaseios’ savage tier to unlock.

Final Fantasy XIV is getting ready to head into its next major expansion. With the story of Endwalker all but wrapped up, the Warrior of Light and friends are prepping to head into Dawntrail. This has included defeating Athena in the halls of Pandaemonium, which was the raid storyline for Endwalker.

This also included defeating her on Savage difficulty, truly a feat only the most competent of players could achieve. Savage difficult raids in FFXIV feature tight DPS checks, new mechanics, and a coordinated team to complete successfully. Alongside this, players would have to complete all the previous fights of the tier each week before unlocking the next one.

That means the final fight of each tier can be a pretty grueling grind for some, especially those who don’t have a static or are less experienced. This is why unlocking the raid tier is so helpful for players, as it allows them to still try and complete the content without the grind. The newest patch has done exactly that, but players are still finding the whole ordeal frustrating.

FFXIV players vent frustration at slow Savage tier unlock

FFXIV players are frustrated that it took so long for the developers to unlock the Anabaseios savage tier. Patch 6.57 in Final Fantasy XIV brought two major quality-of-life improvements to the game. Anabaseios was now unlocked for all players, meaning you wouldn’t need to complete the prior fights each week.

Despite this, players were still not pleased with the amount of time it took for the tier to be unlocked.*

“There it is, tier finally unlocked and tome cap doubled. Only took 258 days (week 37) since savage release,” well-known raider Eksu Plosion tweeted.

The final tier of raids in FFXIV normally takes some time to unlock, but Anabaseios was particularly bad, with Shadowbringers being almost 10 weeks earlier.

“Was 197 days / 28 weeks for Shadowbringers Patch 5.4 > Patch 5.57” Eksu explained.

Pallas Athena from FFXIV
Players have expressed annoyance at the late unlocking of Anabaseios.

Many players are hoping that the devs have taken the constructive feedback from players and implement it in the future, speaking about how ridiculous the long wait times are.

“I really hope in the future they take constructive feedback about how ridiculous it is waiting this long for this stuff. This was the longest wait yet and it should’ve been unlocked at the beginning of 6.5 or during 6.55 at the latest.”

With Dawntrail brimming on the horizon, there’ll be plenty more raids to come, so hopefully Square Enix answers player’s prayers.