FFXIV player cosplays as healer with pins for almost every possible debuff imaginable

Liam Ho
Final Fantasy XIV reference emote

A Final Fantasy XIV player has shown off their healer cosplay, including pins for almost every single debuff you can receive in the game.

Final Fantasy XIV is easily one of the most popular MMOs available at the moment. The game saw a surge in popularity and has maintained its spot as a go-to MMO for fans of the genre. Now in the after patches of its Endwalker expansion, fans are eagerly awaiting the news to hear of what’s next to come.

We don’t know too much about the next expansion. However, with the fan fest occurring in Las Vegas over the weekend, it may be possible we get some juicy details soon. FFXIV’s Fan Fest is an event that allows fans of the title to come together and celebrate. This often involves cosplay, fan art, panels, and more, all to show their love for the game.

A recent Final Fantasy XIV cosplay on Reddit is exactly the type of cosplay you’d see at the convention. Not necessarily for the reasons you might think, however.

FFXIV player collects them all with cosplay showcasing debuff pins

Reddit user Onions4Knight showcased their marvelous cosplay to the Final Fantasy XIV subreddit.

Whilst the general outfit of Onion’s cosplay wasn’t anything to stand out, their various pins were definitely the stand out of their showcase. Onion created pins for almost every single debuff a player can gain in Final Fantasy XIV, truly showcasing their ability to collect them all.

This included debuffs Silenced, Brink of Death, Slow, Stunned, and many, many more. All of which represent different status afflictions you can pick up in the game.

Arguably the most iconic debuff was missing from Onion’s cosplay, however, and that is the vulnerability up debuff. This debuff is given to players who are hit by abilities or fail a mechanic, making the next failure that much more lethal.

The cosplayer did answer in a comment that they had already made a vulnerability up pin, and decided against using it this time.