FFXIV Ninja player gets reported mid-dungeon for… jumping

Lauren Bergin
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Final Fantasy XIV Online’s dungeons require fans to work in teams to take down the enemies that lie within, but this Ninja quickly realized that, for some FFXIV players, teamwork doesn’t come naturally. 

With the release of Final Fantasy XIV Online’s latest expansion, Endwalker, comes a slew of new dungeons and raids for players to sink their teeth into.

From the spectacular vistas of Ktisis Hyperboreia to the bizarre and unsettling world of Smileton, your Warrior of Light will have to endure these gruelling trials in order to finally bring peace to Eorzea.

It turns out, though, that some players are much more suited to the solo leveling life, as one unfortunate Ninja was reported for jumping during their FFXIV dungeon roulette.

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You get by with a little help from your friends – sometimes.

FFXIV player reported for… jumping

One of the main reasons players are attracted to the Ninja job is its reliance on stealth, speed, and assassin-style attacks. With the ability to flip around the battlefield and bamboozle your enemies, the melee DPS is one of the game’s most enticing classes.

For one specific White Mage, the novelty wore thin pretty quickly. “Was with a White Mage and not even two pulls in he is already asking me to stop doing it [jumping],” writes Eastern_Inside_6708, who notes that they “just absolutely love the backflip jump the class has.”

“I just ignore him and keep going,” they continue. “Eventually my other two party members join in and start jumping around as well. The healer [White Mage] goes ‘Great’ in chat. After one more pull, he just stops entirely, stands there doing nothing, tells us he just filled a report for harassment to the three of us and to enjoy our bans, and just leaves the dungeon entirely.”

Concluding that “I don’t know about you but seems like someone woke up at the wrong side of the bed,” the story has captured the imaginations of FFXIV players across Eorzea.

“He probably doesn’t know you can target people by clicking on the party list, and was probably physically clicking on your character models,” deduces one player, noting that “that’s the only thing I could think of causing the healer actual irritation.”

“Remember when people got mad because jumping wasn’t in the game?” recalls another, joking that “we’ve come full circle.”

Was this White Mage simply having a bad day at the guild? Possibly so, but it’s worth bearing in mind that there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team,’ even in the chaotic world of FFXIV.