Twitch streamer snaps controller in half after terrible FIFA 21 goal

kamyk fifa 21 controller rageInstagram: kamykhd / EA SPORTS / Twitch

A Twitch streamer snapped his PlayStation 4 controller clean in half after conceding a truly disrespectful goal on FIFA 21.

FIFA is, almost undeniably, one of the most infuriating games there is. Questionable referee decisions, difficulties defending and skill move spam are all enough to send anyone mad, especially in modes such as Ultimate Team that are so dependent on consistently putting up good results.

For that reason, the game has probably helped cause a few injuries and broken devices in its time, when the frustration simply gets too much.

That said, sometimes people might take it a bit too far, as evidenced by this incredible clip, in which a Twitch streamer breaks his controller in half after conceding a goal.

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FIFA 21 Trent Alexander ArnoldEA SPORTS
FIFA has the ability to bring out the worst in everyone.

FIFA 21 rage spells the end for controller

It looked as though Kamyk, who is also a FIFA esports commentator in Poland, was having a perfectly fun time during his FUT Draft match, tied 1-1 with his opponent but seemingly in fine spirits — but that quickly changed.

From the halfway line, the opponent’s Ansu Fati passed the ball to Timo Werner who cleanly glided through Kamyk’s defence as if they weren’t there at all, leaving space wide open for him to run into the box.

Then, rather than do the respectable thing and take the clear finesse shot into the corner of the goal, his opponent instead squared it into the middle of the box, essentially giving Fati an open goal to smack the ball into with no real counter.

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Squaring it like this is as much a scummy move as you can find in FIFA. It has been for years, and the anger it induces in Kamyk is almost immediate, as he bends his controller and snaps it in half right there and then.

What makes it funny, though, is that the streamer simply picks up another controller off the side and gets going for kick off again, suggesting this might not be a one-time occurrence, so at least he keeps himself prepared.

We’ve all felt like Kamyk at one point or another while playing FIFA, though most of us probably manage to withstand the temptation to break something on a whim.

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