FIFA 20 issue might let Ultimate Team players score ghost goals

. 2 years ago
Ghost goal glitch fifa 20

FIFA 20 bugs don’t get too much attention if they’re impacting Career Mode or other offline games, but this new issue in Ultimate Team appears to be awarding goals for shots that don’t hit the back of the net.

Now, we don’t have to lecture Weekend League players, or those playing Squad Battles and Division Rivals, about the importance of getting some luck from time-to-time. Last minute winners, dubious decisions, and making fine margins count is what the game mode is all about.

With that being said, having goals awarded where it looks like it shouldn’t stand is surely the worst thing that could possibly happen to you in a match. Just when the game’s detractors thought things couldn’t get much worse, well, another annoying bug looks to have reared its head.

When you see players running away in celebration after taking a shot, you would expect to see the ball in the net. Not this time.

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Ghost goals are something of myth and legend in the FIFA series. Everybody has a friend who claims to have scored one, but doesn’t have the footage to back it up, raising suspicions about whether or not it actually happened. It’s been a recurring thing over the years.

Some Redditors might think one user – asapthac – has scored one, as they recorded and shared a clip online. In what was jokingly dubbed as a “Goal of the Day” submission, the player makes a successful string of passes from back to front, quickly putting their opponent in a compromising position.

As one of the forwards receives it on the right side, they come back inside and unleash an effort at goal, only to see the ball not land in the net. That didn’t stop the player, and his teammates, from celebrating though – as a goal was given.

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Without the privileges of a Video Assistant Referee to help the referee, the goal was awarded as if everything looked totally normal, but any player would understandably question the decision as it doesn’t exactly look clear cut the first time you see it.

Quickly skipping the replay, the poster pulled ahead 3-2 in the Division Rivals bout. On closer inspection, it does look more like a visual problem than a game-breaking bug, which is reassuring. The ball does seem to cross the line, based on the one angle we have, slowed down. With the goal given, this issue might not have wrongfully impacted this match, but it certainly shouldn’t look this.

Some members of the community have seen problems like this before. “This happened to me on Career Mode a few FIFAs ago. Angled shot and wide, but given as a goal. Ridiculous that it still exists now,” one user said, while another jokingly added: “That’s fully rancid. I’ve broken a controller for less.”

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It’s unclear as to how common this glitch is in FIFA 20, although it’s clearly impacting online and competitive modes. It could cause disputes between online players, too, if a goal is to be allowed to stand that looks like it shouldn’t be.

If goals are being recorded even when the ball isn’t nestling as it should, who knows, this bug could also disallow goals that do appear to go in as well. Whether or not EA SPORTS are working on a fix for the shooting visuals remains to be seen.

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