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Premier League Footballer Christian Fuchs Launches Esports Team and the Name is Incredible

Published: 8/Jun/2018 20:05 Updated: 17/May/2022 17:38

by Scott Mahoney


On the heels of winning the Premier League, Christian Fuchs announces that he will be starting an esports team that will feature a professional FIFA team. 

While other professional football players have been streaming themselves playing Fortnite online, Fuchs has been eyeing the professional FIFA landscape.

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The Leicester City defender will be the first Premier League player to have his own esports team, though ownership of several other rival football clubs have expressed interest in joining the League of Legends professional realm.

Many sports organizations have already gotten involved in the growing competitive gaming world including the Texas Rangers, Cleveland Cavilers, and Los Angeles Rams.


Fuch marks his entry in fashion by announcing the team’s name, ‘No Fuchs Given.’

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At this time it is unclear which titles he intends to expand into; however, the insiders at dailymail believe he is looking to expand beyond FIFA.

In the interview with the dailymail, he did mention he was a huge fan of Overwatch and Fortnite so it is possible that ‘No Fuchs Given’ could expand into those arenas.

Given the ongoing eWorld Cup, it is unlikely we will see a team announcement for this year’s edition of the popular sporting game.

It appears as if something may already be in the works, though as Fuchs tweeted out for fans to “get ready.”


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The new team will likely see itself in headlines, if for no other reason than its controversial name.

Fuchs is the latest major sports figure to get involved in the booming industry, but we could see more announcements like this in the future.

As more details on this arise, we will have updates.