Liverpool’s Diogo Jota turns savage after packing Everton player in FIFA 21

Jacob Hale
Liverpool FC's Diogo Jota in FIFA 21

Diogo Jota might have been out of action for some time for Liverpool now, but he’s certainly not forgotten his allegiances to the historic club — even in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

In case you haven’t already been made aware, Diogo Jota is perhaps the best FIFA player in the Premier League.

He’s no stranger to 30-0 FUT Champs performances and has even started his own esports company.

That said, he knows where his bread is buttered, and, after pulling an Everton player from an Ultimate Team pack, he had to show his commitment to the red side of the city.

After acquiring an 84-rated Michael Keane, there was obviously a case of inner turmoil. On one hand, he’s a decent player to have, at least sitting in his Club ready for the big SBCs. On the other hand, he plays for Jota’s biggest rival – even though the winger has revealed his love for Everton in the past.

After his chat suggested Diogo should simply Quick Sell the card for around 10,000 coins, Jota took a couple of moments and decided to accept his loss, laughing at the decision and seeing the center-back out of his club.

Of course, it’s not a huge loss, with 88-rated Raphael Varane and 86-rated Kyle Walker holding it down at the back, but as mentioned, Keane could have had other uses.

We can’t imagine Jota is short of coins, but he probably could have picked up around 30k if he sold Keane on the Transfer Market, a loss of around 20k overall.

Will it make much of a difference to his Ultimate Team at the end of the day? Definitely not. But will it endear him to Liverpool fans, who are already begging for his return from injury, even more? Absolutely.

Liverpool might be having a serious off-year as reigning champions of the Premier League, but at least Jota is still holding it down for them in the virtual game.