How to easily recover Quick Sold players in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team


So you just accidentally ‘quick sold’ your best pull of FUT yet… don’t worry, there’s a super-easy way to recover any FIFA 22 player cards you might quick sell in Ultimate Team; here’s how to get back those precious discarded cards.

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than accidentally quick selling your best FUT card pull in FIFA 22. You might have finally got your hands on that Erling Haaland card and are eager to slap him into your Premier League x Bundesliga hybrid squad as your centerpiece striker.

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In your excitement, however, you’ve accidentally cashed him in for 874 coins.

Don’t fear! Title publishers EA SPORTS have finally added a feature Ultimate Team fans have been demanding for years: Quick Sell Recovery.

The last thing you want to do with a valuable card is quick sell it, but it can happen.EA SPORTS
The last thing you want to do with a valuable FUT card is ‘quick sell’ it, but it can happen.

This nifty little feature lets you get back a couple of the FIFA 22 cards you’ve quick sold in the past few days, just in case you accidentally hit the wrong button, or re-think shipping off that dead-cheap in-form card you packed in your rewards.

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It’s really simple too. Here’s how to get back your discard cards:

How to recover ‘quick sold’ cards in FIFA 22

  1. Log in to the FIFA Web or Companion App.
  2. Click the Club menu.
  3. Click Quick Sell Recovery.
  4. Use the calendar icon to find the day you quick sold the item you want to get back.
  5. Choose the player or item you want to recover.
  6. Click Recover.
The FIFA 21 'quick sell recovery' feature is only available on the Web or Companion App.EA SPORTS
The FIFA 22 ‘quick sell recovery’ feature is only available on the Web or Companion App.

Once you’ve followed these steps, and paid the card’s discard price, it will be added to your Unassigned box on the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team main menu. From there, simply send the lost card to your FUT club, and all’s well that ends well.

There are a few rules. Each FIFA 22 account can only recover up to five discard FUT cards in any thirty-day period. Once you’ve clocked that out, you’ll have to be a lot more careful with a special card you’ve just cracked out of a rare pack.

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You can also only recover cards in seven days. Past that, they’re lost forever.

Be careful around that 'quick sell' button in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team!EA SPORTS
Be careful around that ‘quick sell’ button in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team!

So there you have it ⁠— how to save that rare Ultimate Team card you accidentally cashed in for pennies. Hopefully this guide helps you recover that lost card you were so worried about, so you can get back to the FIFA 22 grind.

In the future too, maybe be a bit more careful with that quick sell button!