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How to complete FIFA 21 James Rodriguez Ones to Watch SBC (OTW Team 2)

Published: 16/Oct/2020 10:00 Updated: 16/Oct/2020 19:04

by David Purcell


A FIFA 21 James Rodriguez Ones to Watch SBC is set to release on October 16 along with the rest of OTW Team 2, meaning FUT players with a Premier League team have the option to add this new special card of Everton’s midfielder. 

As members of the community will know by now, these Ones to Watch items are among the most valued on the market. Buying one for cheap, seeing the player pick up an in-form card in Team of the Week, then selling them on for double the price is all part of the game. They update their rating every time this happens.


With James, though, it’s going to be a little different because it’s an untradeable item. That means you cannot sell it on the FUT Transfer Market, which in turn could make the cost of owning the card a little lower than usual.

So, let’s take a look at the card itself.


FIFA 21 James Rodriguez OTW SBC card

FIFA 21 James Rodriguez Ones to Watch SBC
Just like Partey and Odegaard, his Ones to Watch card will reflect the player making it into TOTW once already.

As confirmed by his current club, Everton, on October 15, just a day before the promo rolls out its second flood of players, the new card will be an SBC item.

His statistics look strong in several areas here, such as shooting, passing, and dribbling. The likelihood is he will be an ideal CAM to have lurking on the edge of the box for a long shot, though the lack of pace might put some players off the idea of spending big on the Colombian star.

James Rodriguez OTW requirements, cost & solution

Rodriguez was added along with the rest of Ones to Watch Team 2 on October 16, with just one challenge to complete in order to unlock the card. The requirements are listed below:


James Rodriguez

  • Number of players from Premier League: Min 1
  • In Form Players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 82
  • Team Chemistry: Min 65
  • Number of players in the Squad: 11

According to FUTBIN this challenge should run you anywhere from 21,000 to 25,000 FUT coins to complete at a minimum, depending on your platform of choice.

To help you spend the least amount possible in picking this card up, we’ve got three solutions to this SBC below that, in addition to being affordable, don’t require any loyalty to put together.

James Rodriguez OTW solution 1
Vlasic is by far the most expensive player in this solution, the good news is everyone else is fairly cheap.
Rodriguez OTW SBC solution 2
Like the first solution, this one also requires a little spending for Davidson, if you don’t already have him.
FIFA Rodriguez OTW SBC solution 3
This solution uses Caputo’s IF card, which is a touch more expensive than the previous two.

There you have it, the requirements, prices, and solutions for Rodriguez’s new OTW SBC that’s just another bit of icing on top of the cake for Everton this season.

Fans of “The Blues” must be having a ball in the new game, with their team sitting on top of the Premier League table having gone five unbeaten to kick off proceedings. Already, they have Allan OTW, Dominic Calvert-Lewin POTM, Gylfi Sigurdsson TOTW, and more to choose from for their squads.


As always, stay tuned on Twitter @UltimateTeamUK for more updates, news, and more on FIFA 21.


EA reveal how FIFA 21 FUT Champions affects Division Rivals

Published: 17/Oct/2020 11:34

by Joe Craven


EA have revealed how FIFA 21’s FUT Champions Weekend League will interact with Division Rivals, after changes made to the fan favorite modes left some players confused. 

FIFA 21’s Ultimate Team will be largely familiar to players of past installments. Division Rivals returns as Ultimate Team’s main weekly entertainment, while FUT Champions Weekend League offers players a chance to measure themselves against the best in the world.


However, changes to Rivals means players can only play 30 games per week, before their skill rating is no longer affected. This, understandably, left some fans confused about how FUT Champions games affect Division Rivals and, on October 16, EA provided a detailed explanation.

FIFA 21 Fut Champions Weekend League
October 17 – 19 will be the first FUT Champs Weekend League of FIFA 21.

As with previous years, FUT Champions matches will reward 400 Weekly Score in Division Rivals. This year, that boost to Weekly Score will rely on the player not already having completed their 30 matches in Rivals.


“In the case above,” EA says, “each Weekend League match consumes one of the maximum 30 Division Rivals matches that count for Weekly Score progress. For players who have already completed 30 or more Division Rivals matches before playing Weekend League, completed Weekend League matches will not contribute to the Weekly Score in Division Rivals.”

Essentially, FUT Champs matches will reward 400 Weekly Score provided you’ve not already completed your 30 Rivals games. If you have completed 30 Rivals matches, then FUT Champs games will have no effect.

The news received a mixed response on Twitter, with some criticizing EA for seemingly pushing the two separate modes into one.


“What is the point in 30 games I finish my games on a Sunday and there’s no more reason to play for the rest of the week?” one Twitter user said. Their issue appeared to be widespread – in the current system playing all 30 Weekend League matches will mean your 30 Division Rivals matches will be completed as a result of playing FUT Champs.

Whether the system changes going forwards remains to be seen, but EA’s clarification of the new system has left some scratching their heads.