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FIFA FUT Champs players now being suspended over ‘free wins’

Published: 16/Jun/2020 15:56

by Connor Bennett


FIFA 20 players are apparently now being suspended for giving away free wins in FUT Champs Weekend League – with one player noting that they’ve lost all of their rewards as a result.

FUT Champions Weekend League is the place for FIFA players to really prove their skills – going up against some of the best players in the world during an intense schedule of 30 games. 

Though, there are some out there who are willing to give others a boost by intentionally losing, be it because they’ve already got enough wins for their desired rank, or because the other player has asked them to do so before kick-off. However, it seems as if EA SPORTS are now clamping down on this practice. 


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FUT Champs is where the best FIFA players go head-to-head.

Reddit user TheMachineOf88 revealed that they had received a seven-day ban from playing FIFA online after the June 12-14 Weekend League session. “If you’re thinking of doing a good deed for someone – be careful. Suspension of my account is a testament to this,” the Redditor posted, also revealing an email from EA outlining the suspension. 

The email from EA said that it is “against our rules to intentionally lose matches to benefit an opponent, or to play someone else’s matches.” The statement added that in-game cheating is “not fair play” and “hurts the experience” for everyone who plays the game. 


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Got suspended and lost my rewards for giving away wins in Fut Champions from FIFA

Some responses were, obviously, split on the matter. Some players hit out at the game’s developers for putting a focus on the free wins, while others claimed that it is, clearly, against terms of service and could be a permanent ban offence. 

TheMachineOf88 noted that as they were playing on Origin, they ended up playing against a few of their friends because of the small player pool. This, some believe, triggered something to cause the suspension.

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It is unclear as to whether or not EA will be hitting console players will similar punishments in the near future, or if this is solely for Origin users. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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