FIFA 20 eWorld Cup & Global Series canceled

David Purcell

EA SPORTS have revealed that their eWorld Cup, eNations Cup, and remaining Global Series matches have all been canceled, making way for a brand new Summer Cup Series that will be completely online. 

The game’s competitive scene, just like Call of Duty, CS:GO, League of Legends, and other major games, has seen its original competitive event schedule scuppered in the midst of the current global situation.

Those who were set to continue course in the FCC Stage VI will receive $3,125 each following the cancelation, which is a $200,000 prize pool split across all 64 that were set to take part. Not only that, but those that were included in the FGS 20 rankings will also be handed a total of $350,000 per platform ($700,000 in total).

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EA SPORTS’ new tournament reveal will be good news for those looking to get back into competitive matches at the highest level.

In a statement from their online blog on June 12, they said: “This $700,000 in prizing includes the $500,000 in prizing from the Playoffs in addition to the $200,000 from FUT Champions Cup Stage V.”

The full rankings will be posted on June 17 and will be final, with competitors being contacted about rewards in the next 60 days – EA confirmed.

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FIFA 20 Summer Cup Series confirmed

The biggest FIFA 20 event on the normal calendar would be the eWorld Cup, but with that now canceled alongside other tournaments, the Summer Cup Series will give players something to look forward to – for sure.

It will take place across July and August, broadcast to the official EA SPORTS FIFA Twitch channel.

These will be remotely produced tournaments online, with top-tier competitors locking horns. The start date is July 17, and it will come to a close on August 9. For each region, a champion will be crowned (Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East).

Competitive events in FIFA 20 aren’t far away now.

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The statement also reads: “The top  competitors from both platforms, based on Global Series Rankings, will be invited to compete in the Summer Cup Series, which will be played exclusively on PlayStation 4 and have $228,000 in prizes available.

“The European Summer Cup will have 24 competitors invited and $78,000 in prizes. The other five regions will each have eight competitors invited and $30,000 in prizes. Additional details will be announced soon.”