FIFA 23 Ultimate Team players baffled as Antony and Rafael Leao made bald by EA update


FIFA 23 fans have been left puzzled, as the latest EA Sports update makes both Antony and Rafael Leao bald in Ultimate Team matches.

FIFA 23 was absolutely packed with a ton of new face scans for our favorite players — allowing EA to show off the new and improved graphics with years’ title.

Notably, many world-class players, managers and youngsters on the come up from around the world have had their face digitally scanned. And as time progresses, it’s expected that more faces will be uploaded with each update.

However, the most recent patch from EA left players puzzled, as instead of new faces, both Antony and Rafael Leao are now bald and appear completely hairless.

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Antony and Rafael Leao bald in FIFA 23

Following the recent title update, FIFA fans began noting the brand-new look for some players in FUT.

In a Reddit thread on October 16, one fan shared a screenshot of the Manchester United star being hairless in-game. “Was disappointed Antony didn’t get a face scan but now he’s looking like this?” they wrote.

According to others, this means that he’s likely to get an updated face scan in the near future. “It’s a placeholder for the actual face scan. Means he will have the real face within a week or so,” said one.

“The stress of being at United got to him quickly,” a player joked.

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Antony isn’t the only one either, with others claiming that Lisandro Martinez as well as AC Milan’s Rafael Leao are also bald in-game now too. “I legit thought I was playing Lukaku when I first saw Leao.”

Hopefully, we’ll see the bald players look a bit more like themselves with a new face scan in an update soon.