FIFA 23 players slam EA over mistakenly released Ultimate Team Hero packs

FIFA 23 logo next to David Ginola hero cardEA Sports

FIFA 23 players have slammed developers EA after a tradeable guaranteed FUT Hero pack was released on the Ultimate Team store for just 25,000 coins, leading to some players making or losing vast amounts. 

FUT Heroes are eminently desirable in Ultimate Team, especially at such an early stage of the game’s life cycle. 

While prices vary massively, they are league-based players who, at one point or another, tore it up for a specific club. Tim Cahill, for example, sells for around 85,000 to 90,000 FUT coins. Others, though, like David Ginola, sell regularly for over 2,000,000 coins. 

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That’s why players were so baffled when, on October 8, a tradeable 25k guaranteed Hero pack dropped onto the store. 

Naturally, players flocked to it and purchased it as soon as possible. EA realized the mistake promptly and the pack was removed within minutes. 

The pack was live for just a few minutes.

However, the damage was done. Some players stocking up on Heroes for trading purposes lost hundreds of thousands of coins as prices plummeted while others, who got players worth millions of coins in a 25k pack, made similarly eye watering amounts. 

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EA are yet to comment on the issues but, understandably, players are far from happy. Some, who lost large amounts of coins, hit out at the devs for their negligence. 

One Redditor said: “So not only did I miss buying the hero pack for 25k but now all my team are gone down in value? Cheers EA.” 

Another said: “Imagine having millions of coins invested in heroes LMAO. Crazy how incompetent this company is.” 

A third commented: “They’ve ruined the integrity of the entire market. This glitch will have lasting effects. Many people will have just got hundreds of thousands of coins for nothing, either from packing a hero or buying a hero as they dipped and then reselling it. Anyone who couldn’t play during that 15 minute period will be permanently disadvantaged.” 

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Many continue to wait for further information from EA and are eager for compensation (or grateful at the hundreds of thousands of coins they have as a result).