FIFA 23 eWorld Cup final called “laughing stock” as controller appears on big screen during pens

Ryan Lemay
FIFA e World Cup graphic

ManuBachoore defeated Mark11 in the FIFA 23 eWorld Cup final, but a controversial penalty shootout has the competitive community up in arms.

24 of the best FIFA players in the world competed in the FIFA 23 eWorld Cup to take home a $300,000 check and a world championship trophy. After a grueling tournament, FUTWIZ Mark11 and Team Guilet ManuBachoore met in the grand final.

Mark11 got off to a 2-0 lead in the first leg, but ManuBachoore roared back to tie the fixture 2-2. The second leg came down to a penalty shootout, and chaos ensued.

FIFA 23 eWorld Cup penalty shootout controversy explained

Both players play on separate monitors, and one big screen in the back shows the match to fans in the audience. The big screen mirrored Mark11’s screen but also showed an overlay of his controller and its exact movements.

Mark11 allegedly tried to alert the match officials three times before the penalty kicks started because ManuBachoore could potentially look over and see where he was shooting. But the match went on, and Mark11 lost the shootout.

FUTWIZ defended its player and claimed: “Mark clearly raised this issue 3 times before penalties started, and nothing was done, so we get left with the biggest final of the year completely ruined by unnecessary circumstances. Disregarding your own rules is a disgrace.”

Other FIFA community members backed Mark11.

FIFA streamer R9Rai responded: “FIFA eSports proving again why it’s a laughing stock. Mark tried to tell them, and they didn’t do anything. 300k on the line, and you’ve got his controller on the main screen in a pen shootout. Laughable should be replayed right now.”

Fellow FUTWIZ pro-FIFA player EthxnH added: “Putting Mark11’s controller for PENALTIES on the big screen is unacceptable. They 99.9% didn’t cheat by looking, but it’s absolutely disgraceful…”

In a post-match interview, ManuBachoore denied looking at the screen and claimed: “I was constantly looking at my own screen. I didn’t look back one time… I don’t think it changed anything.”

FIFAe addresses eWorld Cup controversy

Shortly after the situation unfolded, the official FIFAe Twitter account addressed the controversy with a lengthy statement.

“All players have been informed at the start of the FIFAe World Cup 2023 that if they actively decide themselves to show the input overlay, it might be displayed on broadcast and in the arena,” they clarified.

The statement assured all players were aware of the fact the home console feed was visible on stream and in the arena, noting that the semi-final penalty shootout was much the same. “No further concerns” were raised by players on the matter ahead of the final, the statement claimed.

“After thorough review of the footage, we can also confirm that no player received a competitive advantage as the opposite team only watched their own screen.

“The final decision has been taken based on review of competition footage, in line with the player terms and conditions, and following detailed briefings about controller and broadcast settings to all players during practice matches.”

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